Fantastic Franks 

Vienna sausages are a favorite childhood snack. To combat the negative perception surrounding canned meats, we created packaging that targets kids while appealing to parents as an affordable, convenient, and safe snack option with a brand that gives Vienna sausages a fresh, fun look.




When creating Fantastic Franks we decided to target moms through their kids. We designed the packaging with the children in mind making it playful with bright colors and engaging characters. The copy within the packaging focuses on the mom elaborating on it's convenience and health benefits.



Our designs utilized a aluminium material used to make retort pouches for tuna fish and ready meals.  Not only is it more environmentally friendly than cans but it's also flexible and kid safe. 




Additional Elements

Additional Elements

Project completed for the 2018 Institute of Packaging Professionals 48 Hour Repack competitionOur team of four included Casey Lovegrove,  Neha Biluve Shireesha, Marco Gianturco, and myself.

Awarded first place in the 2018 National IOPP 48 Hour Repack Student Design Competition.